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Zoom black adhesive eye liner
Zoom black adhesive eye liner
Zoom best adhesive eye liner

Lit Liner Black

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Completely up-level your lash game with The Glam Kit’s Lit Liner, a revolutionary adhesive liner that can instantly turn a lash beginner into a pro. The Glam Kit has the easiest lash system on the market, and the Lit Liner is the secret behind it all!

The biggest beauty secret in the lash industry is now revealed with The Glam Kit's revolutionary Lit Liner: a 2-in-1 adhesive liner.  If you hate tacky lash glue but you love getting your makeup done quickly, this is a game-changer.  

  • Apply any lashes in under 60 seconds. And yes, Lit Liner works for any of your favorite lashes! 
  • Zero magnets, meaning the liner stays on for 24 hours and you won't even feel it (weightless)
  • Zero tacky glue feeling... throw away your lash glue today!
  • Zero experience needed... just line & lash. Perfect for lash beginners or even if you've never worn lashes before! 
  • Ideal if you have sensitive eyes... especially if other lash glues make your eyes watery. 

    Choose Lit Liner Black if you love full glam or you usually wear black eyeliner.

      - Color: Black

      - Ultra precise & ultra-natural glam

      - Quick drying & waterproof

      - Vegan & Cruelty Free

      - Latex Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free

      - Magnet Free

      - No lash experience required

      - Can be used on any lash

      Lit Liner Black



      Beginner Friendly

      Lit Liner: If you struggle with applying lashes and you can't stand the messiness of lash glue, our revolutionary lash system is perfect for you. Our felt tip 2-in-1 adhesive liner will allow you to put on any lashes in under 60 seconds, with zero experience required. Pro Tip: Lit Liner Clear is a great choice for our babes that are still learning how to apply their lashes! It's clear - so any mistakes are invisible!

      Magnetic Liner: Eyeliner and magnet skills required. Magnetic Lashes don't offer a clear liner for beginners so if you don't know how to apply your eyeliner it will be hard to apply your lashes! Lastly, magnetic eyeliner only works with magnetic lashes which can be costly.

      Easy To Remove

      Lit Liner: Lit Liner is water-proof, smudge-proof & highly pigmented. You can use any makeup remover to remove the eyeliner easily.

      Magnetic Liner: Magnetic liner is often not as easy to remove. You usually need to scrub more intensely to remove the actual liner.

      Everyday Natural Look

      Lit Liner: We take pride in having the most natural looking & fluffiest lashes on the market! If you love natural glam all you have to do is pair any of our lashes with our Lit Liner Clear so you can achieve the "eyelash extension" look for a fraction of the cost!

      Magnetic Liner: With the magnets on the lash band it's harder to achieve the "natural look". You will always have to apply your liner a little thicker than usual to have the magnets on the lashes stick to the liner. Magnetic eyelashes don't offer clear liner which is a MUST for a natural everyday look!

      Apply In Under 60 Seconds

      Lit Liner: Whether you are a lash pro or a lash beginner we are proud to say that you can apply your lashes in under 60 seconds! There's no other lash system on the market that is as simple as ours.

      Magnetic Liner: If you are a pro at applying eyeliner you can likely apply your magnetic eyelashes in under 60 seconds. However, it's not so easy if you're a lash beginner! Applying lashes can be frustrating, and magnetic liner doesn't make it easy for those that are not lash pros.


      How do I apply my lashes with the Lit Liner?

      STEP 1: Shake the eyeliner pen well before use.

      STEP 2: Apply 2 layers onto your eyelids and let dry for a few seconds.
      Tip: Put a little extra to your inner & outer corners this will help the lashes stay on longer

      STEP 3: Apply your lashes directly on top of the eyeliner.

      How do I remove and clean my lashes?

      You can use your favorite eye-makeup remover, micellar water or baby oil to remove the liner off your eyelid.

      Do you use magnets in the Lit Liner?

      Our team has been obsessed with not only making beauty simple, but also safe!  Our non-toxic, non-damaging liners will magically stick to the lashes, but absolutely zero magnets are required.  What that means is these will be some of the lightest lashes you've ever worn! 

      Is the Lit Liner safe?

      It absolutely is!  Our Lit Liner is made from safe ingredients, and on top of that, there are absolutely zero magnets in the adhesive liner.  Other brands sometimes use magnets, but just remember magnets are for your fridge, not your eyes! 

      Can I wear mascara with The Glam Kit lashes?

      Yes!  But because our lashes are such a high quality with jaw-dropping volume, you'll instantly glam your eyes even if you don't want to wear mascara.  It's completely up to you!  

      What's so special about your Lit Liner?

      A lot of people don't actually know how to apply lashes.  In addition, a lot of people are concerned about putting magnets on their eyes, as other brands sometimes advertise. Our Lit Liner is the result of our top of the line beauty innovation, creating an adhesive liner for ALL levels of lash application, from absolute beginners to professional MUA's.  No matter your experience with lashes, you can apply them in under 5 minutes just like our press on nails! 


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      Customer Care

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      You heard that right - whether its because our Lit Liner can be used on any lash, or can easily replace both lash glue & eyeliner, the versatility of the liner will make it your best friend in beauty!

      The Lit Liner is water-proof, smudge-proof & highly pigmented.

      Literally the easiest lash system on the market. With our 2-in-1 liner and glue you can now apply your lashes in under 60 seconds. Absolutely zero experience required.

      From early mornings to late nights, the Lit Liner will help your lashes stay on the entire day. And the best part? With zero magnets, your lashes will feel light as a feather.


      Learn how you can apply your lashes in under 60 seconds!


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