The Glam Kit Story

How it started

Hi bestie! Crystal here, CEO and the Founder of The Glam Kit. Welcome to my small woman-owned business focused on all things GLAM, and more than anything I wanted to say THANK YOU for being here and showing your love & support.

I created the The Glam Kit to completely elevate your everyday beauty routine – and to do so by bringing the highest-quality products that truly feel luxurious but at affordable prices. Even in my early teens, I was obsessed with all things glam – from lashes, to manicures, to jewelry. I had always wanted to buy the most luxurious products, but they were all at prices that were consistently unaffordable.

As a result, in my teenage years I ended up settling for the cheapest lashes I could find – but they ended up irritating my eyes. I would go to the salon to get my nails done, but the salon prices were too costly and I eventually found out I was allergic to acrylics. When I became obsessed with jewelry as my go-to fashion accessory, the high quality pieces were unaffordable and the cheap necklaces would irritate my skin. I felt helpless for so many years… badly wanting to feel my best, but at the same time not wanting to break the bank.

The Glam Kit was born.

In my early 20’s, I became obsessed with finding “affordable alternatives” to luxury overpriced products. I saw a massive gap in the market, which frustrated me. I believe with all my heart that women should be fully empowered to feel their best every day, regardless of how much money they need to spend, how much time they have in a day, or what sensitivities & allergies they might have.

I created The Glam Kit to focus on style while still embracing sensitivity. I became obsessed with creating the highest-quality press-on nails that weren’t flimsy, but still stylish. I created the world’s easiest lash system that was non-irritating but also seamless to apply. I designed jewelry made for those with an active lifestyle – waterproof, tarnish-proof, sweat-proof. And I held true to my original promise: making sure all of these luxury product lines were at the highest quality and yet always affordable.

With love, from me to you.

I thank you for giving The Glam Kit a chance to elevate your everyday
beauty routine. Just know, I personally package every order with love and gratitude &
I hope The Glam Kit products bring you happiness in your day 🥰