About Us

Luxury Beauty Made Simple (& Affordable)

As true lovers of all things “glam”, The Glam Kit sought out on what we truly believe is an important mission: to revolutionize making beauty simple and affordable for everyone. We’re always constantly obsessed with the latest beauty trends – from makeup, to lashes, to nails. And yet we realized that often these glam looks are highly unachievable – they’re either too costly, too complicated, or just takes too much time to get done at the salon. And at the same time, we couldn’t find anything on the market that was affordable without sacrificing quality.  We knew we had to change this! We knew we had to revolutionize instant glam.

We made our dream a reality.

Our journey started with press-on nails. We wanted to create salon-quality nails at a fraction of the cost. In our research, most press-on nails in the stores were incredibly flimsy and the designs were SO outdated. We wanted to create the highest quality press on nails on the market and have the latest trending styles, many of which are inspired by celebrity manicures. We did exactly that, and as a result we have the world’s most loved
press-on nails!

We didn’t stop there. 

While you might be a make-up pro, we definitely weren’t!  We found applying lashes intimidating, and the easiest lash systems on the market at the time leveraged heavy magnets. The cheapest lashes were affordable but had irritating bands and had to be thrown away after one time use. We wanted to fix both of these problems, and we did.

The world’s #1 easiest lash system.

We worked with the best in the beauty industry, and designed the lightest and most comfortable lashes on the market. Because we don’t mass produce the lashes, we’re able to design and handcraft each lash to ensure the highest quality and detail. We use an ultra-flexible, ultra-comfy soft cotton fiber to craft the lashes, which means you won’t even feel yourself wearing the lashes.  We also had a breakthrough innovation with our Lit Liner, creating a 2-in-1 adhesive liner that can apply ANY lash in under 60 seconds. As a result, we have the world’s most comfortable lashes with the easiest application.

Join us on our journey.

We wouldn’t be here without the love and support of our TGK Babes around the world. While we’re obsessed with having the highest quality products at the most affordable prices on the market, we’re also obsessed with treating our customers as if they were family.  Give us a chance to be a small part of your happiness – especially if it means that you can always feel the best version of yourself, even with your busy lifestyle.

Ready to treat yourself? You deserve it!

The Glam Kit