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Beauty Made Simple with The Glam Kit Luxury Press-On Nails

"A girl should be 3 things: classy, glam, and fabulous."  For our special ladies that love the finest things in life, Vogue is definitely for you.  The alternating designs are a clever black & white French tip with a reverse black & white French tip, giving a perfect luxury vibe instantly with this manicure.  

Each TGK Press-On Nails Kit includes everything you need to glam your nails in under 5 minutes. Lasts 2+ Weeks and doesn't damage your natural nails.
- 24pc Nails (fits average, large and petite size nails)
- 24 Non-Damaging Adhesive tabs
- Non-Damaging Nail glue
- Nail file
- Manicure Stick

Complete Your Glam:

Keepin' It Classy


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Apply in under 5 mins

The Glam Kit: Yes, no more long wait times at the nail salons! We are proud to say that you can apply your instant manicure in under 5 mins. Not only will you save time but our press-on nails are salon-quality at a fraction of the cost.

Gel Manicures: It can take up to 1 hour to apply and the dry time takes forever!

Acrylic Nails: Depending on the type of design you are going for, it can take up to 3+ hours. Nobody has time for that!

Easy To Remove

The Glam Kit: Our press-on nails are 100% easy to remove. All you need to do is soak your hands in a bowl of warm water, soap, and a few drops of cuticle oil (any oil works) for 10-15 mins and the nails will slowly loosen. Once the nails loosen you can easily pop the nails off and save the nails to re-use for another time. Yes, you can re-use our press-on nails! We also include adhesive tabs (good for a weekend) for all our babes that cannot wear nails to work but love getting their nails done.

Gel Manicures: You will need to soak your nails in acetone (harsh on nails!) to remove and the smell of acetone is not pleasing. Once you remove the gel off your nails you'll need to go back to the nail salon and spend another hour getting your nails done.

Acrylic Nails:

You cannot remove acrylic nails yourself because you will damage your natural nails. You will need to go to a professional to have them remove and this always costs $$$.

Last 2+ Weeks

The Glam Kit: Our press-on nails are insanely durable and with our non-damaging nail glue your manicure will last 2+ weeks. As an added benefit, if your nails start to grow out you can remove the press-on nails and re-apply them and you'll have the fresh salon look all over again!

Gel Manicure: Depending on the quality of the gel polish the manicure may chip within 2 weeks and you'll have to get them re-done.

Acrylic Nails: Yes they last longer than press-on nails. But, once your nails start to grow out your manicure won't look as fresh and you'll have to get them done again. This will cost you more $$$ and time.


The Glam Kit: Our nails are fully customizable. You can trim or file the press-ons just like regular nails. So if you see a design you love in a shape you don't want, you can just trim the shape to your liking. Or if a nail design is too long you can trim it down to be shorter!

Gel Manicure: Not customizable as you have to stick to the design, length & shape you paid for at the salon.

Acrylic Nails: Not customizable as you have to stick to the design, length & shape you paid for at the salon.

Chip Free & Non-Damaging To Your Natural Nails

The Glam Kit: Our press-on nails are chip-free and non-damaging to your nails! We created the highest quality non-damaging nail glue to keep your natural nail safe from any brittleness, cracking or peeling.

Gel Manicure: Not chip-free and when you remove the gel off your natural nails it causes your natural nails to be thin, brittle and parched.

Acrylic Nails: Depending on the salon quality of gel-polish the nails should't chip. Unfortunately, acrylic nails will leave your natural nails thin, brittle and parched after removing them.


The Glam Kit: Our press-on nails are the most affordable, highest quality nails on the market. All of our nails are under $20 and you can always re-use them.

Gel Manicure: Gel manicures can be costly depending on the design. If you do one solid color it can start at $40+ and if you decided to add a design it can cost up to $5 per nail.

Acrylic Nails: The most expensive manicure on the market usually at $65+ not including tips!


What are press-on nails?

They are instant manicures that can be applied under 5 minutes at the comfort of your own home.  You'll get the salon look at a fraction of the cost, and the best part is that our nails are vegan, cruelty-free, and re-usable!  However, not all press on nails are made the same.  You may have experienced cheaper press on nails from the local drugstore or from other brands, and unfortunately those are often flimsy and cheap.  Our press on nails are the highest quality, and on top of that, we carry top-trending designs that you would usually pay a lot more just to get them in a salon! 

How long does the instant manicure last?

When applying your press-on nails with our non-damaging glue:

Your manicure will often last up to 2 weeks+.  

When applying your press-on nails with our non-damaging adhesive tab stickers:

Your manicure will last up to 3 days. 

Can I cut/file the press-on nails?

Yes, all our instant manicures are customizable. You can file or cut them to your liking. 

How do I know if the nails fit my nail beds?

They will fit!  The reason is because TGK Luxury Press On Nails come with 20 to 24 nails of 10 to 12 different sizes. Our instant manicures fit petite, average and large sized nails.

How do I apply the press-on nails?

STEP 1: File down nails with nail file and then push back cuticle with manicure stick.
 NOTE: Do not use lotion/oils before applying the instant acrylic nails.

STEP 2: Wipe nails with alcohol pad and remove any natural oils.

STEP 3: Match each acrylic nails with your natural nails and set aside.


Glue Application: Apply a dab of glue onto your natural nail.

Adhesive Tab Application: Apply adhesive tab to your natural nail. Press the tab on your nail smoothly & peel off the top film. 

NOTE: Make sure you pick a tab size that fits your natural nail.

STEP 5: Position acrylic nail to your natural nail and hold for 30 seconds to secure the acrylic nail.

STEP 6: Repeat the steps until all nails are on fleek.

How do I remove my press-on nails?

If you used glue follow these steps:

STEP 1: Do not pull/force nails off

STEP 2: Soak nails in acetone based nail polish remover until acrylic nails loosen.

NOTE: When acrylic nails start to loosen gently push the acrylic nail from side walls with manicure stick.

STEP 3: Wipe off glue

If you used adhesive tabs stickers follow these steps:

STEP 1: Do not pull/force nails off.

STEP 2: Soak nails in warm water for 10-15 mins.oak nails in warm water for 10-15 mins.

STEP 3: Gently push the acrylic nail from side walls with orange stick.

NOTE: acrylic nails are easier to peel off after shower/bath.

STEP 4: Wipe off glue


Shipping Processing Time

Our team is incredibly proud to process orders at record time.  We will do our best to ship same-day orders placed before 10AM PST Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).  Orders placed on Friday or over the weekend will be shipped out first thing on the next Monday.  Please note that during holidays we might have unexpected volume increases, so please be patient with us but we will still do our best to get your order to you ASAP! 

Fast Shipping

Despite the ongoing complexities of the pandemic, we have an amazing commitment to you as our team works around the clock to coordinate with our shipping partners on the fastest, most cost-efficient shipping.

We offer the following for domestic orders: 

Standard Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

For international orders: Standard International Shipping

(Australia): 7-10 Business Days Standard International Shipping

(Canada): 7-10 Business Days Standard International Shipping

(Mexico): 7-10 Business Days Standard International Shipping

The above represents the expected delivery once your order has been processed.

*Business days do not include weekends or holidays such as New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Customer Care

Questions? Click here to Contact Us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!


Our high-quality press-on nails are reusable! Not the flimsy ones you'll find in a drug store.

Our non-damaging glue leaves your natural nails healthy 100% of the time!

Apply in under 5 minutes. Who knew you could have the salon quality in the comfort of your own home? No experience required.

Each press-on nail kit comes with adhesives for 2 day wear (the weekend) or non-damaging glue for 2+ weeks wear (just like acrylics!).



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