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Affiliate FAQ

TGK Babe Checklist

Step 1 - Turn on Instagram notifications

Notifications should be set *ON* for Instagram @theglamkit.

If you haven't done this already, turn it on now so you can qualify for rewards! Start engaging with our content today.

Don't forget there are BIG rewards monthly for our most active TGK Babes!

Step 2 - Instagram Story Reveal

Once you receive your products make sure to record a product reveal and tag @theglamkit via IG Story.

Step 3 - HD Photos

Take multiple HD Photos with your Lashes, Lit Liner, and Nails on and DM photos to @theglamkit.

Tip: Good Lighting & White Background is key.

Step 4 - HD Video Review

Create HD Video review trying on the Lit Liner and Lashes and DM video to @theglamkit.

Step 5 - 5* Product Review + Photo(s)

Submit a 5* review for all the products in your collabs kit and you'll unlock a TGK Babe Reward.

How to write a product review

Step 6 - HD Makeup Transformation Video

Get creative and create a HD makeup transformation video via Reels/Tiktok using any of your TGK Products and tag @theglamkit.

Step 7 - Collab Giveaway

Once you completed step 1-6 we will set a date to host a collab giveaway with you for your network!

Commissions / Payouts

Pink Tier Payouts

Press-On Nails: 5%

Lashes: 5%

Value Lash Kits: 5%

Lash Tools: 5%

Sale Items: 5%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Base): 5%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Premium): 5%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Luxe): 5%

2 for $25 Press-On Nails: $0

Collabs Kits: $0

Gold Tier Payouts

Press-On Nails: 8%

Lashes: 8%

Value Lash Kits: 8%

Lash Tools: 8%

Sale Items: 8%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Base): 8%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Premium): 8%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Luxe): 8%

2 for $25 Press-On Nails: $0

Collabs Kits: $0

Diamond Tier Payouts

Press-On Nails: 10%

Lashes: 10%

Value Lash Kits: 10%

Lash Tools: 10%

Sale Items: 10%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Base): 10%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Premium): 10%

Build Your Own Glam Kit (Luxe): 10%

2 for $25 Press-On Nails: $0

Collabs Kits: $0

Where do I find my affiliate code/link?

Remember all your Affiliate information, including your affiliate code AND tracking your affiliate sales, is done by logging into the Affiliate Portal. Make sure to bookmark this page (we also have a mobile app!).

Click here to download app for IOS

Click here to download app for Android

OMG love the products, I want to order more. Can I use my own code to order?

All our TGK Babes have access to their own personal discount code that will work when ordering individual products (e.g. lashes or nails).  The personal discount code will not apply to BYOGK bundles as these are already maximum discounted!

Please note the affiliate code you earn commissions from will NOT work for you personally (that code is for your network).  

If you ever want to restock on your Affiliate Kit, just let our team know via email and we will send you the special VIP link!

I just ordered my products but want to start earning commissions today. Anything I can do to start earning $$$?

Your affiliate code is active NOW! So what that means is start promoting The Glam Kit to your close girlfriends, family members, and BFF's. Text them how much you love The Glam Kit and send your discount code. They'll thank you for it, and you'll earn commissions with every affiliate sale!

How do I track my sales/commission?

You will be able to track your sales and commissions via our Affiliate Portal or via our mobile app.

Click here to download app for IOS

Click here to download app for Android

How are payments sent?

Commissions are paid out monthly, at the beginning of each NEXT month for the previous month. 

So for example, if you are an active affiliate for a full month (e.g. January), your payout on any commissions earned will be at the beginning of February. 

How are payments made?

Payouts are done via PayPal to approved TGK Babes.  Please ensure your PayPal account is correct in your Affiliate Portal, as you are 100% responsible for ensuring this is correct!  If in the instance you incorrectly submitted your PayPal information, and the pay-out for the month is already complete, we will NOT be able to make exceptions. That's why you must check that your information is correct!

Why didn't I my receive commission yet?

Please make sure to be familiar with payment schedules. In addition, payments will only be sent out once at least $10 in total commissions has been earned. So for example if you earned $3.50 in commission for Month 1, and $100 in Month 2, you will be paid $103.50 on the payout for Month 2. Then each payout will be more meaningful to celebrate!

If someone ordered and forgot to use my affiliate code/link do I still get paid out?

Unfortunately not, as there is a chance the person could've used another discount code. So make sure to constantly promote your code to your network and tell them to make sure to use your code at check-out to show love & support! And they'll thank you for the discount!

My affiliate code/link is not working

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please email and let them know that your affiliate code/link does not work. They will look into it for you ASAP!


How do I claim my reward?

The team will email instructions to claim your reward. Feel free to email at any time for questions or to claim!

What are the requirements to keep earning rewards as a TGK Babe?

There are only two critical requirements:

1) Be a great representation of our brand. We want you to love our products, and be an amazing TGK Babe sharing with your network why they should fall in love with the products too!

2) Be engaged. While we know life can get busy, we also expect our TGK Babes to be "active". It can be as simple as 30 seconds a day to engage with our posts, sharing your own content, etc. Definitely influence on your own time, but make sure to show us that you are a TGK Babe!

I want to be featured on the website. What do I do?

As soon as you get your glam products, you can start creating content. We will send you an email on requirements to be featured on our website, but the key is to take a high-definition (HD) photo that our marketing team will need to approve. Make sure the photo is close enough so we can see your lashes, and once you submit your HD photos the marketing team will review for approvals!

Collab Giveaway

What is the collab giveaway prize?

We will be doing different collab giveaway prizes depending on what TGK Babe Tier you are.

For Pink Tier: Lit Liner

For Gold Tier: Press-On Nails

For Diamond Tier: Lashes & Lit Liner

What are the rules of the collab giveaway?

Details will be sent to you via email. However, the rules for your network is at a minimum they will need to engage, follow you, and follow The Glam Kit on Instagram. It will be fun, easy, and rewarding!

How long is the collab giveaway?

Details will be sent to you via email. However, the collab giveaway will run over the course of (1) week to give your network time to enter, and give you time to promote!

When will I be hosting the collab giveaway?

Details will be sent to you via email. However, you will get to schedule based on mutual availability (there will be a booking system to choose your own date & time, but if there's a specific week you really want to host please try to book ASAP as we limit the number of collab giveaways per week).

Where do I host the collab giveaway?

On Social Media! The required platform is Instagram, but if you choose to promote the collab on other platforms (e.g. Facebook Live, TikTok, SnapChat, etc.), that's completely up to you!

How does the collab giveaway work?

Details will be sent to you via email. However, The Glam Kit will send you content to post for the giveaway. Simply promote the giveaway, have your fans enter, and you'll get to choose the winner. It's as simple as that!

How do I choose a winner?

You must choose a winner that has qualified based on the rules of entering. However, the most fun part about the giveaway is that YOU get to choose the winner. We strongly suggest choosing a winner that has engaged the most with your Social Media, followed the rules, and loves all things glam!

How will the winner claim their prize?

Details will be sent to you via email. However, they'll just need to reach out to The Glam Kit (email address will be provided) to claim the prize. We will verify with you if this is the winner you chose, and if the winner meets the entry requirements of the collab giveaway.

How many collab giveaways can I host?

Unlimited, however, there is only 1 "FREE" giveaway product per VIP Kit that you order. So if you want to earn another FREE giveaway product, simply just restock on your VIP kit! Feel free to email if you have any questions about doing another giveaway!


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